Wilson & Morgan House Malt Islay Whisky 5 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan House Malt Islay Whisky 5 Jahre (2011-2016)

We feel that the new trend of the House Malt, started last year, is a successful one. Younger, but more powerful, more peated and already very mature thanks to great cask management. The stormy and smoky side is perfectly balanced by the roundness and sweetness imparted by the charred fresh bourbon casks: this stunning Islay Malt could pass for a 12 years old. As usual, it’s also nutty, farmy, slightly waxy, earthy and warm. Particularly surprising in this edition is the complete absence of feinty notes and a very restrained presence of the banana and vanilla notes which usually betray a young age and the influence of new oak. A powerful chewy and smoky Islay Malt… but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Distilled 2011- Bottled 2016

6.000 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 43% wurden abgefüllt