Wilson & Morgan Westport 12 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Westport 12 Jahre (2004-2016)

A cask strength release of this lovely ‘secret’ malt blended with a large percentage of whisky from a very famous distillery in the Highlands (and a wee drop from another one in Speyside). An expression that showcases a very robust style, so strikingly different from the usual flowery and fragrant one. Full maturation in an Oloroso cask resulted in a very chewy and fruity whisky: you can clearly feel a sweet and raisiny background, very reminiscent of old style sherry-matured malts, although the relatively young age didn’t allow the cask to fully transform it into a winey bomb. But soon this fruity note is complemented by more than a hint of peat smoke, which grows and leads to an almost leathery aftertaste. A whisky of contrasts, very bold and full-flavoured.

Distilled 2004 - Bottled 2016

321 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 54,3% wurden abgefüllt