Wilson & Morgan Westport 18 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Westport 18 Jahre (1997-2016)

After two successful releases in our core range, this is our first Westport at cask strength, and again the secret of its richness is the maturation in refill sherry casks. The use of refill casks means that it's not a full blast sherry experience, but a subtler one, although the fruity and nutty notes can clearly be felt, together with a more winey impression than in previous bottlings. The overall profile strikes a fine balance between malty sweetness and a drier touch. It’s robust, rich with notes of candied and dried fruit, beeswax, and a firm mineral background. A whisky that manages to be elegant and sturdy at the same time, very old fashioned.

Distilled 1997 - Bottled 2016

511 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 58,5% wurden abgefüllt