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Wilson & Morgan Beathan 7 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Beathan 7 Jahre (2010-2017)

From a Gaelic word meaning "life", this robust single malt comes from one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, located in the southern Highlands. Renowned for its traditional fruity and flowery style, this distillery once in a while also makes a heavily peated batch, for a little known and very unusual expression that is particularly surprising, fiery and explosive especially when young. This bottling is dominated by intense notes of smoke, ash, tar, leather, liquorice and sandalwood, all perfectly complementing the natural juicy sweetness of the malt. It’s a particularly intriguing experience to be able to taste an example of a whisky made with peat not harvested on the coast, with its very different flavours compared to the malts from Islay: less salty and maritime, but earthier and mossier.

Distilled 2010 - Bottled 2017

1.391 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 50% wurden abgefüllt