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Wilson & Morgan Ben Nevis 21 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Ben Nevis 21 Jahre (1995-2017)

Particularly robust and full bodied, this expression of Ben Nevis is a good example of the distillery style. Initially aged in a refill butt, it has then spent the last 30 months in a second fill Pedro Ximenez cask which gave it an extra touch of sweetness and sherry character. At the nose you can clearly feel the winey and nutty notes, with dried plums and apricots. The palate, fat and full flavoured, is a complex tapestry of sweetness, strongly brewed black tea, butter cookies, candied oranges and tropical fruits, but gradually it evolves toward oaky tannins and becomes almost astringent. In the end, the peppery and oaky notes grow even stronger, but fruity notes of bergamot and grapefruit shine through with equal strength.

Distilled 1995 - Bottled 2017

314 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 52,7% wurden abgefüllt