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Wilson & Morgan Glenrothes 10 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Glenrothes 10 Jahre (2006-2016)

A full bodied, richly fruity and intense Speyside malt fully matured in Oloroso sherry casks, traditionally the best choice for enhancing the robust style of distillate from this area of Scotland. A special edition from a vatting of three butts with complementary flavour profiles, to reach the perfect balance between malty sweetness, winey character, flowery aromas, autumnal nuttiness and summery red fruits. Retaining a very marked robustness even when adding a tiny drop of water for a more leisurely enjoyment, it is a classically styled malt from this distillery, biscuity but without any hint of cloying sweetness: the firm mineral character and the dry and peppery finish are just the right complement to guarantee complexity and multi-dimensionality. A fantastic after-dinner malt, to be savoured slowly

Distilled 2006- Bottled 2016

2.544 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 48% wurden abgefüllt