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Wilson & Morgan Strathclyde 28 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Strathclyde Single Grain Whisky 28 Jahre (1987-2016)

Our grain whisky series continues to expand with an expression from a rather modern distillery. Founded in 1927 in Glasgow, it has always produced distillate meant exclusively for blends, and it is therefore a particular pleasure for us to offer a bottling of it as a single grain. Its profile is typical, with a very aromatic nose of mint, sandalwood and moss, followed by a palate which is at the same time very sweet (heather honey and vanilla) and herbal (gentian root, camphor). The interplay of sweetness and of the medicinal bitterness is particularly stimulating, and lingers for several minutes on the tongue never letting one taking over the other, getting more peppery and tannic for an instant and then reverting back to mellow sweetness.

Distilled 1987- Bottled 2016

279 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 50,8% wurden abgefüllt