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Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 21 Jahre Marsala Finish

Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 21 Jahre Marsala Finish (1995-2016)

One of the most extreme finishes that we have ever done with Tobermory! Three years in fresh Marsala casks are quite a long time, but since we like this kind of wood quite a lot and Tobermory is a very robust malt, we think that the result is delicious (although unusual). The nose is very winey, dry, nutty, exactly like Marsala… but at a high proof! At the palate you can clearly taste the interaction between the cask and the cereals of the whisky, although in the end the wine wins. An initial attack on farmy notes, very organic and earthy, is quickly followed by very fruity notes and the typical nutty astringency of dry Marsala. An intriguing experiment, maybe destined to become a cult bottle for Marsala aficionados!

Distilled 1995 - Bottled 2016

272 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 53,2% wurden abgefüllt