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Wilson & Morgan Glen Grant 25 Jahre Oloroso Finish DECANTER

Wilson & Morgan Glen Grant 25 Jahre (1993-2018) Glencairn Decanter

Gold Medal at Rome Whisky Festival 2019

The final six years in a fresh Oloroso hogshead have given an old-fashioned touch to this venerable Glen Grant. This style of intense dry sherry character – so beloved by whisky lovers - is harder and harder to find nowadays. The nose is explosive: extremely winey, slightly musty like an old library full of leather-bound books, very peppery, with heavy and contrasting notes of aromatic woods (pine, sandalwood) and tropical fruits. At the palate, it has a very dry and nutty profile that matches the raisiny fruitiness. The tannins are big, almost astringent, and as expected there are notes of medicinal herbs and liquorice. But this marvellous Glen Grant remaining fruity and lively, with the bitter touches remaining in the background just as a stimulating hint as they always should.

Distilled 1993 - Bottled 2018

224 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 54,3% wurden abgefüllt