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Wilson & Morgan Glenrothes 18 Jahre Marsala Finish

Wilson & Morgan Glenrothes 18 Jahre Marsala Finish (1997-2016)

Glenrothes has a very distinct style, very crisp and dry, also thanks to the frequent use of sherry casks. After a first maturation in a second fill sherry cask, we wanted to enhance the fruity and winey character a little bit more. Our choice fell on a Marsala cask, which enriched the original dry sherry style in an interesting way. The nose is defined by ripe summer and winter fruits (apricots, peaches, oranges), and the taste echoes this fruitiness with very juicy notes before turning to a drier, winey and slightly astringent character. It’s quite different from the usual nutty but not too fruity Marsala profile, and the impression is almost only of Oloroso. In the end it remains very crisp, peppery and tannic, with a hint of toasted notes.

Distilled 1997- Bottled 2016

279 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 56,4% wurden abgefüllt