Wilson & Morgan House Malt "Born on Islay" 4 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan House Malt "Born on Islay" 4 Jahre 2015-2019

Young but already fully mature, this peated Islay whisky from a secret distillery continues the tradition of our mysterious House Malt. This release is one of the most robust ever, with a heavy and almost thick body, and a hugely tarry, ashy and smoky character. As usual, fresh vegetal notes of green bananas, seaweed and liquorice root provide a lively contrast to the smokiness and to the creamy sweetness of the malt, and a slightly toasted note of salted peanuts adds to the intriguing profile. Our House Malt always succeeds in the miracle of finding the perfect balance between heavy peat smoke and smooth drinkability. Juicy and robust, but never cloying or aggressive.

Distilled 2015 - Bottled 2019

3.600 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 43% wurden abgefüllt