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Wilson & Morgan Beathan 9 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Beathan 2009-2018 Heavy Peat

This new bottling of our successful Beathan (a peated single malt from a distillery in the Southern Highlands which previously used to make only a delicate and flowery unpeated spirit) follows the trend of the previous ones. Once again, it’s a big, fat, oily, ashy and smoky malt, with an extremely robust background of tar, leather, wet earth and farmy notes. The use of mainland peat results in the complete absence of the maritime aromas of coastal peated whiskies, making Beathan quite unique in style but just as robust and intense as the heaviest island malts. But still, behind the heavy smoky notes, the gentle character of the traditional distillery style can almost be detected in the floral background: geranium, lavender, a hint of talcum, and almonds.

Distilled 2009 - Bottled 2018

1.200 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 48% wurden abgefüllt