Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain 18 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain 2001-2019 Sherry Wood

A departure in style from our usual single malts from Bunnahabhain. Not a hint of the usual softness: this is an unexpectedly muscular and punchy whisky, a true naughty boy! If the nose might seem polite enough, with the usual beeswax, honey, chamomile and a hint of organic character, the dramatic turnaround comes with the first sip: a farmy monster, with wild notes of leather and damp earth. You still can discern a flowery character, with the expected waxiness, flour, and even a hint of liquorice. But there seems to be more than a touch of peat, too, and the whole is simply huge and fat, chewy and powerful. Then it turns drier, and although only moderately winey, it hides another final surprise with an explosive blast of pepper.

Distilled 2001 - Bottled 2019

528 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 59,7% wurden abgefüllt