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Wilson & Morgan Westport 15 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Westport 15 Jahre 2004-2019 Marsala Finish

A short kiss from a Marsala cask is enough to give the juicy but usually delicate Westport a very wicked twist. While at the nose it could almost be mistaken for a very dry refill Oloroso cask, with its winey, nutty and slightly sour notes, at the palate the influence of the Sicilian wine is light-handed but at the same time obvious. Very fragrantly biscuity, but not necessarily sweet or buttery: on the contrary, the character remains very dry, almost austere, with peppery and nutty notes taking first place. It’s a very intense whisky, with a fruity and even slightly sharp attack, which relentlessly builds in strength and spice until the end. As usual, we recommend to pair our Marsala finishes with aged hard or blue cheeses.

Distilled 2004 - Bottled 2019

265 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 59,5% wurden abgefüllt