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Wilson & Morgan Invergordon 28 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Invergordon Single Grain Whisky 28 Jahre (1987-2016)

For this Special Release, we chose a very old Invergordon with a restrained and aromatic influence from the second fill sherry cask. This cask added faint winey and fruity notes, but overall we can say that it served to amplify the natural character of the whisky rather than to add an evident layer of sherry. Rather than enhancing the sweet notes of vanilla, the cask made the typically aromatic notes of medicinal herbs much more evident. The result is a very balsamic grain whisky, with a pleasantly tannic touch and even a hint of unsweetened black coffee, plus the expected “old library” aromas of wood and leather. The finale is particularly peppery and spicy, austere and elegant as it is suited to a whisky of such a respectable age

Distilled 1987- Bottled 2016

520 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 53,8% wurden abgefüllt