Wilson & Morgan Cameronbridge 30 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Cameronbridge 30 Jahre (1984-2015)

The oldest (1824) and largest grain whisky distillery in Scotland has always been at the heart of some of the most prestigious blends. Located in eastern Scotland, south of Perth, it produces a particularly robust grain whisky which at times, with long maturation, approaches the richness of single malts. This bottling, also thanks to the excellent and long influence of the cask, offers a particularly sweet, rich, creamy style with noticeable aromas of vanilla, buttery biscuits and even coconut. The more aromatic notes of mint and herbs fall slightly into second place, at least until the tannins from the cask make themselves noticeable in the end, but without disrupting the overall impression of sweetness that is further enhanced by the eventual addition of water.

Distilled 1984 - Bottled 2015

201 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 55,2% wurden abgefüllt