Wilson & Morgan Ledaig 25 Jahre Oloroso

Wilson & Morgan Ledaig 25 Jahre Oloroso Finish (1993-2018)

As we often noticed, Ledaig does wonders when interacting with sherry casks, and this stands even more true with particularly old malts from this unpredictable distillery from the Isle of Mull. Subtler and more delicate than the younger and bolder Ledaigs from our selection, this particular release was finished for almost 4 years in a second fill Oloroso cask of our choice. Peat smoke has been tamed by the years and the cask, and it is backed by leathery and earthy notes. What is particularly surprising, though, is the delicate, fruity and almost flowery aroma that has been imparted: we can find notes of apricots, apples, and even a hint of watermelon at the nose. A one-of-a-kind Ledaig!

Distilled 1993- Bottled 2018

456 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 51% wurden abgefüllt