Wilson & Morgan Sherry Cask Malt 25 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Sherry Cask Malt 25 Jahre (1993-2018)

Long maturation in Oloroso wood can be overwhelming, unless the cask is second fill as in this case. After 25 years, the oak has taken its time to slowly add a unique fruity character and winey dryness, at the same time preserving the fragrance of the spirit intact. The delicate nuances, the minerality, and the honey and beeswax notes of the whisky still shine through, in a blend of flowery malts from two of the best Speyside distilleries with the addition of a slightly smoky malt from Orkney. Delicate and honeyed at the nose, with a crisp note of sour fruits, it is particularly gentle at the palate in spite of the strength: herbal and biscuity at first, then growing peppery and slightly winey, with a finale that’s long on beeswax.

Distilled 1993 - Bottled 2018

333 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 53,7% wurden abgefüllt