Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain 28 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain 1990-2019 Traditional Oak

The angels have taken a generous share of this completely unpeated Islay single malt, and when the angels are thirsty, it usually means that it’s a great whisky because they have refined taste! What has been left to us is a very gentle, golden hued single malt of great finesse: delicate, honeyed, fragrant and flowery in its aroma. The angels have taken away the burn, and left a whisky with a robust but silky body. It’s like liquid gold, with mineral and waxy notes, sweet malty creaminess, polite fruitiness, and no tannic harshness: the proof that long and slow aging in second fill bourbon casks is the best way to let the distillate speak for itself, simply mellowed by the years. 

Distilled 1990 - Bottled 2019

235 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 44,9% wurden abgefüllt