Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 20 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 20 Jahre (1994-2014)

The oldest of our recent Tobermory bottlings is also the richest, most complex and smoother. Sure, the typically wild character of this distillery from the Isle of Mull still shines through, especially at the nose, with its notes of petrol and earthy greenery: not completely tamed, but at least gentrified. At the palate, the fight with the sweetness of the second fill butt is an interesting and balanced one: its notes of dried plums and raisins are soon matched by a lively, dark and organic note of leather, damp earth and toasted cereals. When the sweetness starts growing, it is soon balanced by the tingling winey notes. A whisky that needs time and dedication to show its multiple faces.

Distilled 1994- Bottled 2014

640 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 50% wurden abgefüllt