Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain Twenty Three PX Finish

Wilson & Morgan Bunnahabhain Twenty Three 23 Jahre PX Finish (1991-2014)

A particularly complex and refined Bunnahabhain, one of the most delicately aromatic ones that we have released. The nose is gentle and flowery, with no obvious sherry influence: ripe pears, apples, aniseed. At the palate it’s firm, mineral, with notes of candied orange rind and again aniseed. The tannins from the oak are gentle, well tamed by honeyed and flowery notes (chamomile). It’s not a weak mouthfeel at all, but it’s caressing. Towards the end a peppery note starts to build up, and it lingers for a while on the tongue for a warm and tingling finale. A nice example of a subtle finish in a type of cask which sometimes can be overpowering, but as usual the trick lies in moderation.

Distilled 1991 - Bottled 2014

621 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 47,7% wurden abgefüllt