Wilson & Morgan Ardmore 8 Jahre Heavy Peat

Wilson & Morgan Ardmore 8 Jahre (2009-2018)

The cask strength version of our very smoky Speyside malt, assembled from our favourite four casks from this distillation batch. Compared to the version at standard strength, the intensity of flavours is of course amplified, and in particular the peat smoke is the absolute top player in this bottling: very sooty, ashy, tarry. It’s not a maritime, salty and pungent kind of peat as that of coastal malts, but rather a more balsamic one, with earthy notes of pinewood, mint, camphor, and an overall “dark” note. But just gradually add water, and the sweet influence of the bourbon casks with their notes of vanilla will immediately appear to provide a creamy background. A different kind of peated whisky, that in its cask strength version is even more targeted at true smokeheads.

Distilled 2009 - Bottled 2018

1000 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 58,7% wurden abgefüllt