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Wilson & Morgan Westport 15 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Westport 15 Jahre 2004-2019 Sherry Wood Finish

A good example of how the usually malty, light and fragrant Westport can be transformed into a muscular and peppery whisky, thanks to the use of a fine sherry cask. At the nose it’s nutty, with a dry winey note and slightly sour peaches, even a bit austere. Its strength and spicy character are not fully revealed, though, until the first sip… The initial taste of sultana raisins, dried figs and nuts, with a touch of honey too, is quickly overwhelmed by a very peppery and winey impression. Power and spices continue to build up with no intention to stop! It’s a wonderfully traditional refill sherry profile, fruity but tight, nutty and extremely dry. The aftertaste sees the intensity and the peppery character still growing, for a truly explosive ending.

Distilled 2004 - Bottled 2019

539 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 57,8% wurden abgefüllt