Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 23 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Tobermory 23 Jahre 1996-2019 Tokaji Finish

Another winner from Tobermory, this time in a more mature expression that smoothens (but doesn’t completely tame) the edges of the traditionally robust and bold spirit, and which once more showcases the good interplay of this fine island malt with the flavours of second fill sherry casks. The typically oily character of Tobermory and its earthy and vegetal flavours are unmistakable, backed by a very muscular body. Liquorice, a hint of tarry boat coating (as if to remind of the maritime influence), and then of course the winey fruitiness from the sherry cask: it’s not loud and tannic, but it enhances the malt with notes of sultana raisins, a lively hint of peachy sourness, and candied orange peel. Refined and complex, but not wimpy, because Tobermory will always be a strong-hearted malt.

Distilled 1996 - Bottled 2019

229 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 58,7% wurden abgefüllt