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Wilson & Morgan Strathisla 30 Jahre

Wilson & Morgan Strathisla 30 Jahre 1989-2019 Oloroso Sherry Finish

The lovely whisky from this distillery has always played an important role in blends, thanks to its firm body, cereals-rich character and understated finesse. Our bottling is a heartfelt homage to its typically biscuity but tight profile, with its dry maltiness slightly enhanced by just a hint of second fill sherry influence, as not to overwhelm its austere elegance. No overt winey notes, no excesses of nuttiness: this is flowery Speyside malt at its best, aged for decades and still very lively. Mineral, waxy, rather peppery and with a touch of fresh and fragrant orange peel notes: it starts to hint at butter biscuits and honey, but then immediately returns to a peppery dryness, as if proud of its austere and quiet inclination.

Distilled 1989 - Bottled 2019

115 Flaschen zu je 700ml mit 54,2% wurden abgefüllt